Hi Homies!

If you made it to here, it may means that you are really interested in my blog and I thank you for this!

I am Janie, I am passionate about a lot of things but especially fashion. I’ve decided to create this blog to share a piece of my life: my looks, my beauty tips, my fitness path…

About fashion, my style can be described as a real mess: I can be into street wear one day and suddenly go to a very chic style with no reason (feeling fancy can’t be a bad idea sometimes)! My pictures are mainly taken by my relatives or by myself in the streets of Paris and its suburbs, where I live. So, on a side note for my english speakers, my mother tongue is French, not English, please let me know if you find anything wrong in my texts!

About my budget: I am in the same struggle as all the students right here, not having enough money to buy everything I would love to! However, I do have many clothes that I got through the years, so some pieces that you will see might be from old collections and are probably not on sale anymore (sorry!). For the rest, I will try to put the links on the article!

How to contact me?

You can follow my daily life on Instagram @ehjanie

Or you can send me an e-mail ehjanie@gmail.com

And I am also reading and answering to all the comments!