Creating your own diet


Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional nor a nutritionist. The tips I will give you in this article are the ones I followed and that I find useful to everyone (But afterwards, it doesn’t prevent me from cheating a lot, food is my first love!).


Hi friends! Today, we are going to talk about a sensitive subject: diet. From my side, I’m not trying to lose weight or anything; I’m only trying to maintain my shape. I insist on the word shape, not on my weight, because I haven’t weighed myself since I was 13! Remember that each body is different and reacts differently, which is why the steps to follow and the advices I’m going to give you are quite general. Here is a simple little diet program for you, followed by some useful tips to improve it:


Step n°1: Self-Assessment

First of all, it is important to get to know your body. We all have a weakness, a category of food that makes your body reacts more than to other foods. It may take some time to figure out what it is, but it’s important. For example, for me, it’s the very fatty foods that make me get fat twice as fast. I’m not saying I can eat a whole box of candies, but they will have less effect on my body.


Step n°2: Decrease the serving size

Yes, you knew it would happen one day. Reduce your “weakness” food and value the rest. Be careful, it is important to continue to eat what you like and not cut your favorite dishes from your diet. Doing it would be the perfect chance to give up after a week and jump on your favorite dish. So don’t cut it off but just reduce the quantity, you know.


Step n°3: Customize your diet

Once you have managed to reduce the portions (and I said only once you have done this), you can start to really improve your diet. Don’t forget to continue eating what you like, the idea here is not to deprive yourself but to progress. For example, I try to eat vegetarian food during lunch while I allow myself to eat what I want, in reasonable quantities, for dinner. It allows me to please myself once a day while taking care of my shape.


Tip n°1: Follow a diet made for you

Follow a diet adapted to your needs and abilities! There’s no point in eating raw food every day, you’ll run right into the wall after two days. Instead, continue to eat what you like while decreasing the amount and try to eat healthier from time to time and then more frequently.


Tip n°2: Having cheat meals

This one is essential. Without cheat meals, you will not go far, as frustration will push you to your limit and you will no longer be able to control your diet. By allowing this, at least, it is controlled and limited: I would advise having a cheat meal at least once a week.


Tip n°3: Don’t be too hard on yourself

This point joins the tip n°1 and is just as important. If you see that you can’t take it anymore, don’t blame it on you and slow down the pace. It is normal to start over; the result will only be better. You will better understand your body and your limits for the next time.


Tip n°4: Be patient

As you have seen, each step requires time to be properly applied and followed. Don’t be in a hurry and be patient with your body as it will thanks you in the future.

Here are the little tips I wanted to share with you! And you, what are your tips for eating better?

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