It is sales time!

In France, it is now one of the favorite periods of the year for every real Fashionista: the summer sales! Even though you can find sales here and there during the year, this period is a must to get good deals. Here is my fashion selection to enjoy these summer sales and get a perfect outfit for the beach.


Look at this swimwear! Casual but fashion at the same time, I didn’t need to think before adding it to my selection:



Do I need to explain why I picked this gorgeous white hat? This chic little golden detail has my heart:

Sunglasses are necessary on the beach to feel like a star on the beach!

A nice summer-vibes dress with crochet details to be the prettiest on the beach!

Robe de plage blanche Missguided

We all need a small cute bag with a unique design -at least for your bottle of water and your sunscreen!

Sac en bambou South Bleach

Can we just take a moment to appreciate those shoes? My favorites on this selection, how pretty are they?

Mules transparentes Head Over Heels Mocha

What is your favorite from my selection? What outfit would you buy if you had the choice? Share your look ideas in the comments section!

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