My new fitness challenge

Hi Homies!

It is so good to be back, I feel like I haven’t posted for weeks! There was no particular reason why I didn’t post last Friday, but I am going to post 3 articles this week to compensate! Tomorrow, you will get a “What to Wear When..”, the article is all ready, I just have to click on “publish”!

For today, we are going back to fitness. I’ve completed sport Youtuber Chloe Ting’s Glute Bridges Challenge which gave amazing results to my butt! If you want to read the article and to see my before after pictures, you just have to click.

My new goal

As I explained to you, I will not continue the Glute Bridges Challenge, because working on my butt has never been a goal for me. Instead, I have decided to start a new work out that target my worst nightmares: my (invisible) abs. I have always wanted to get real strong abs but never succeed. I did try many exercices on these, which actually gave me good results but I have never managed to keep myself motivated and continue. With the Glute Bridges Challenge, I have noticed that having to report everything to you at the end motivated me to not give up. I think doing the same thing for abs can help me stick to the work out this time, at least for the first month since I am going to show you the results!

Chloe Ting, please give me your abs!

For this new challenge, I have decided to stay with the same Youtuber thanks to the first one that went really well. I loved that Chloe took the time to answer her dm on Instagram, to answer questions and to give advices. By the way, if you are interested, this girl boss created a full body training to stay in shape, really efficient and free! I am not going to do this program because it last around 1 hour a day and I am not feeling able to do it for now. As I told you, the main thing is to work on your own path and to do your best! So for now, I will only work with one video and see the results to decide if I want to continue.

I have chosen her « Get that 11 Line abs » video which will be below so that you can see what this is about. It is one of her most popular videos, the comments are really motivating and the exercices will help you work on the bottom of your belly which is the hardest part to get toned.

Also, note that I am going to start the challenge this week and give you the results on the article on September 9th.

I would be very happy to do this work out with others, so if you want to join, please feel free to contact me so we can all motivate each others! In a meanwhile, stay tuned for September 9th for the post with my before/after pictures!

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