Reasons to create your blog

From my own experience, I realise how scary creating a blog can be for people: scared of the amount of work it can be, scared that no one reads it. I also hesitated during many years until finally deciding to jump in. That’s why, in order to encourage others to do it, I’ve decided to give you 4 reasons that made me do it.


  1. Challenge yourself

Creating your blog is a new adventure for yourself -and sometimes for the people that support you. It is a way to give yourself new personal objectives settled by you. Want to publish once a day? Very good. Want to publish once a year? Perfect. You create, you take the decision and you will be able to say I DID IT.

  1. Open up to the world

Did it ever happen to you to feel like you had to move, you had to be productive or you have to go out see the outside world? (If not, you’re lucky) It must had happened to me over hundread times already. Creating a blog allows you to fulfill this felling: one hour not having anything to do? Let’s think about a new article to share. It gives you something to think about and helps you develop your creativity.


  1. Discover this fancy community

Have you ever noticed on the influencers that you are following that most of them has such a great fashion style with a strong personality and a way of life completely different from others yet so interesting? I did! Do you think they were like this before? I would say no. Joining the bloggin community is also about joining a supportive community which will help you open up about yourself!


  1. Do whatever you want

We actually did not need the rest of the list, this point is the most important. While questionning about everything and anything, people forget to enjoy this thing we call life. Life is short and everyone should do what he or she wants without being judged. Forget others’ opinions and remember that we only live once.


What made you want to create your blog?

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