I love sports!

I wish I could tell you this without lying, but my relationship with sport has always been hate and only hate. However, years ago, I started to challenge myself every summer on fitness programs that would last few days. I am doing it again this summer, and have decided to try the #GluteBridgesChallenge shown on the sport Youtuber Chloe Ting. Apparently, this challenge would help you to get a round tone butt without growing your legs! You will find her video below as well as her explanations (if you have any questions, please do not hesitate!).

I don’t have any particular fitness goal, just need to be more active in general, so I thought it would be the opportunity to see how this challenge would work for me and to share my results with you!

I started the challenge on June, Thursday 27th and will publish a before/after picture on the article of July, Monday 29th.


Which challenge would you like to take on this summer?



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