The Motivation of a blogger

Bonjour homies!


I am so happy to write these lines!

Today and after weeks of not writing, I am back with an article that was absolutely not planned nor prepared! I am just opening my heart to you guys!

I would like to talk about motivation because I have not posted for a long time and yes, as you can guess, it was mainly because of my motivation. So many things happened in my life since my last article and each day were giving me an excuse to not come back on my blog. I am feeling really bad about taking so much distance from blogging because it is definitely something that I like to do and there was not a day without me thinking about it. I even could not help myself but continue learning about how to blog and my lack of motivation taught me things that I would like to share with you:


Everyone is different

YES! I did not realise it at first and I was trying so hard to be the typical blogger with a schedule for articles, a notebook to write ideas etc… until I realised that it was not really me. This is not how I would like to blog and forcing myself to become like this really just turned me off on the whole blogging thing. I want to blog the way I want and I will!

Dreaming then working

I don’t know how much time I am spending on blogs, internet, and social medias, but my Iphone is telling me that it is way too much. I can’t stop, I love it! I cannot live a day without my daily dose of internet and working in this field would be a dream.. But dreaming and spending time on this is cool, but what about me? The more time I spend thinking and not working to have the life I want, the less chance I have. That’s it. I understood that I need to stop making excuses and to start putting myself into it if this is really what I love.

The road won’t be long if this is a passion

I am not teaching anything new on this: seeing people’s success can make other desperate. “Why them and not me? They were lucky! Someone must have helped them..” but no. Those are questions that keep coming if you are only dreaming about your ideal life and not working on it. Because every success has been built with a lot of work. Hours and hours of work that you cannot see because it is not shown on social media (no one is posting the 361784 bad selfies taken before the only good looking one, don’t know why). But I have learned how every work will be paid no matter the what thanks to my blog! Here is my point, even without posting, my blog is still online and people still can read it. My articles have been seen many times during those two months and may have helped a few people to answer their questions! Okay, I did not get thousands of readers, but just knowing that I have helped few people is a huge success for me!

There you go, a few points that I have understood during my two months away from my blog. I am also using this article to say that I am back in the blogging game and will hopefully stick to it! As I said, tone of things happened to me lately and I would love to share it with you! I also kept working on the blog (even though I did not publish anything) so I have a tone of new ideas and creations that I will show you: I am definitely back and full of motivation!

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