What to Wear When.. There is a heat wave

Hi Homies! How is your life? I hope you’re all well! From my side, I am slowly dying because of this heat wave! Instead of being angry about this, I’ve decided to take advantage of this situation to present you a nice outfit to wear during warm weather. I know it will be the third “What to Wear When..” in a very short time (with this one and this one) but fashion articles are my favorites, I can’t help myself!

Heat wave means less fabric, so I chose a pair of shorts that better be flare rather than tight so you won’t feel the fabric on your skin. For the top, while some would have taken a tank top, I preferred to look for a wide-cut t-shirt, but not just any: a batwing top that still emphasizes the waist to prevent the silhouette from being too enlarged with the pair of shorts. The outfit being very simple, I found it important to play with the accessories, which will add chic note to this outfit.


okay, I’ll leave you with the photos and as usual, feel free to tell me what you think of it and if you like the outfit! Also tell me how you usually manage to survive during heat wave?


girl wearing an outfit for summer

girl watching on the side holding her white sunglasses

girl looking on the side with a bandana in the hair

girl walking in the street with a green bag

girl laughing while holding her white sunglasses


Shop the look:

Top: Tally Weijl

Short: Pull & Bear

Boots: RAID – Kola

Bandana: H&M

Sunglasses: QUAY- Reina

Earrings: Histoire d’Or

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Bag: Polène Paris

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