Working out secretly

Caption this: you’re at home, doing some squats to build yourself a nice butt when your mom comes in and gives you a judgy look while you’re stuck in your poop position. We’ve all thought about this situation, right? The first time I worked out at home was for an abs challenge (by the way, if you want me to try one after my #GluteBridgesChallenge, let me know in the comments!). I don’t know about you but I find it quite awkward to stay focus on your exercices while your whole family is watching (and judging) you. It could even be a reason to not work out for some of us.

After this experience, I tried to continue working out from time to time but without showing it to everyone. You got my point, today we are going to talk about a very very serious topic: working out secretly.

1. Going to the sports ground

Yes, I hear you, it is not being discreet. Nevertheless, the first option is still to go to places dedicated to sport. I have been there several times and the passion and love for sports there has strucked me and motivated me everytime. No one care if you are running slowly or if you take a break every 5 minutes (just like me)!

2. Doing short exercices

With all the sports videos showing up on Youtube, you have to find your hapiness. The idea here is to focus on videos of around 5 minutes work out that you can quickly do in your room before anyone comes in. I highly recommend the Youtuber Gabriella Whited‘s videos: short exercices, easy to do and providing quite good results! An exemple is her “3 minutes series” focusing on main parts of the body:


3. Working out at work

You may ask how to this but it actually is possible and I tried it. One day, I came across the sports Youtuber Emy Wong‘s video on how to get abs and nice legs while sitting! Whenever you have few minutes alone, jump on that chance to do the exercices! Be careful, these are a bit difficult (but will make you SORE) and are not recommended if you are working in an open space..! Here is the video:

4. Build your body at any time

A long time ago, I read that Beyonce was working on her butt during her shower thanks to quick exercices. This information might be fake but enjoying small moments of your day to work out is possible:

  • In the morning, while brushing your teeth, leans on one leg and put yourself on your toes (you can hold the sink), 2 minutes each leg!
  • During your way to work, in the subway or the taxi, tense your butt then loosen it as many times as possible. Try to do it during 3 minutes to reach a series of 3 times with 1 minute break in between.

With all these tips, you will have no excuses to not work out! If you have others, please share it in the comments, it could be helpful!

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